Open Source “Things I Thought of While Biking to Work”

As referenced to in “Set Your Mind Free”  this will be the future location of various things I have pondered while riding my bicycle to work.

My goal for this page and the associated links are to get my ideas out into the world.

These are ideas that are both small and enormous with varying degrees of potential for development and profitability.

My hope is that if someone finds one of these ideas here and further develops the idea into a project, she/he will allow me to be involved with the ongoing development of the project.   I have taken some online classes related to funding  for the development of such projects (so-called Angel Investing) so I may be able to further assist with this aspect of a project.  Also, I may be able to think of some additional details regarding these projects as they move forward – consider me a consultant.

What is certain is that I will not have enough time to dedicate all of my time to developing any of these ideas and that is why I am reaching out to you, my readers.

As agreed upon by whoever takes up one or more of these projects, details regarding these projects will be updated on an ongoing basis.  Please utilize the comments section and contact form to address any concerns you may have regarding each individual project or this concept as a whole.

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